Top 10 Amazing Stories About Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s Friendship

Although they may seem an unlikely pairing, Martha Stewart’s and Snoop Dogg’s friendship is one that’s well-known in the culinary community. I would never have thought they would be able to host a television show together. The hilarious and charming duo, who are both 78 years old as of 2020, has teamed up and is becoming more and more popular. You will not believe that this is a publicity stunt.

Stewart and Snoop Dogg may appear to be two very different people, but they have many things in common. Not marijuana. But cooking. Snoop doesn’t believe you should judge a book based on its cover. Stewart has been an excellent cook, while Snoop Dogg is a master at munchies. Their cooking team is unbeatable.

What made Martha America’s coolest grandma, who jokes about prison and ‘greens’ with rappers? Let’s find out their story.

10 The First Meeting

Martha Stewart was thrilled to have Snoop Dogg on her first appearance on Martha Stewart’s show. He taught Martha his unique vocabulary, which she enjoyed. She also showed him how she makes her homemade mashed potatoes while this was happening. They had a great time cooking together and laughing together during her show.

Snoop Dogg gives his potatoes a personal touch by adding a little cognac. Martha asked Snoop about their relationship and he replied, “What an odd couple was we?” Martha said, “Like Martha kinda pioneered this as far letting rappers become part of daytime TV because we weren’t actually accepted.” We fit right in because, like, cooking together with Martha seemed like the right place to be.