Top 10 ‘American Chopper’ Behind-The-Scenes Facts

A simple New York motorcycle garage took reality television by storm in 2003. Since its debut, ‘American Chopper” has been a hit with viewers. The amazing transformations of bikes were a hit with viewers and they became hooked immediately. The reality show was not only about the bikes, but also the people involved. This made viewers return for more. The father-son fight between Paul Sr. (Paul Jr.) was something that no one wants to miss.

It aired for seven years and has seen a lot of success. “American Chopper” was initially one of the most-watched reality shows. The drama between Paul and Paul was captivating. The series was eventually canceled. Motorcyclists were thrilled when the series returned in 2018 for a reboot.

Here are some things need to know regarding the cast of American Chopper, the reality TV show.

10 Paul Jr.’s Big Break

American Chopper is a reality TV show that has become a hit and is loved by millions around the globe. The shop had to cope with a drop in customers after the Orange Country Choppers were stopped being followed around by the cameras. Paul Jr. was the one who lost his show.

He was chosen to design the bikes for the 2016 comic book action movie “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: Out of the Shadows.” Although he didn’t have much to work with, the production put a lot of trust and faith in his abilities. He was allowed to make one bike. Michael Bay, the director, was so impressed by his work, he asked Paul Jr. to create another.