Top 10 Beautiful Wives of the Most Famous NFL Players

You are familiar with the statistics of your favorite NFL players, including their teams, trades, and wins. Although NFL players are most well-known for how they play on the football field, little is known about their off-field activities. Are you aware of the wives of your favorite football players? Some of them have been married to equally successful women like singer Ciara or supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

You probably think of the Super Bowl Ring as a prized possession for a football player. These players have many treasured possessions, but some of their most prized possessions are the lovely women who support them and cheer them on every step of their journey.

You’ll also meet long-term girlfriends of football stars, as tying the knot can be difficult for some (including those who are superstar football players).

10 Tony Romo and Candice Warren

Tony Romo is the current NFL broadcaster. He was the Dallas Cowboys’ iconic quarterback. He is one of the biggest names in American football. It’s easy to find a great woman with the status as his. Romo married Candice Crawford, an ex-beauty pageant queen. Crawford was also crowned “Miss Missouri” in 2008 Crawford was also a television reporter during her pageant days. Crawford is currently a sports journalist for a Dallas TV station. The couple were married in 2011, and have three kids together.