Top 10 Celebrities and Their Favorite Starbucks Orders

Celebrities are just like us all, they have a coffee addiction. While some of us are able to choose exactly what we want, others may have more options and take longer to decide. Some people don’t like coffee or are allergic to caffeine and will order fancy teas. Starbucks is the most well-known coffee chain, and it’s also the most talked about.

Continue reading to find out these celebrity coffee orders, and some fun stories.

10 Jennifer Lopez: She drinks from a $600 Cup

Jennifer Lopez clearly has a favorite Starbucks beverage, but it is more interesting to see what she drinks from. You may have seen a paparazzi photo that Jennifer Lopez posing with her big, bedazzled Starbucks To-Go mug. She takes it everywhere she goes. Even to film sets. Everybody is curious where that bizarre, bedazzled mug came from.

The manicurist gifted her a gift for her birthday from a friend who adorns everything with Swarovski crystals. The entire cup is covered in black and silver crystals. Even the logo has been blinged. This cup is estimated to cost $585. Although I would love to have one, I prefer the free cup that comes with the $4 coffee.