Top 10 Celebrities’ Smart Dieting & Exercise

Many people don’t like their weight. Many people struggle with their weight at different times in their lives. It can be hard to maintain a healthy weight, especially when you have a hectic schedule and little time to exercise and prepare healthy meals. These celebrity weight loss transformations prove that it’s possible to achieve your goals even with a busy life.

Celebrities have set great example for their fans and followers by making healthy lifestyle changes and encouraging them to be healthier. Even though they have many engagements and other activities, these celebrities have managed to shed excess weight and trim their waistlines.

These are 10 inspiring examples.

10 Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri, a tattooed celebrity chef is well-known for eating a lot of burgers and ribs while on TV shows like Guy’s Family Road Trip or Diners, Driver-Ins and Dives. Fans frequently ask Guy Fieri, “How can Guy Fieri eat all this food without becoming obese?”

Fieri has had his fair share of weight problems over the years. However, he credits his good shape to regular exercise as well as portion control. He does not eat excessive amounts of food and exercises regularly to burn calories.