Top 10 Celebrities Who Flipped Out On Paparazzi Photographers

There are times when we don’t want to have our photos taken. It could be that you are having a bad hair day, have not slept well, or just not feeling up to taking a picture. Celebrities have those days, too, believe it or not! We know celebrities live lives that are beyond our comprehension, but it doesn’t mean being spied on by paparazzi is less irritating. It’s no surprise that celebrities have lost their cool with paparazzi members.

Some people enjoy having fun and not having violent outbursts. Let’s look at some of the most bizarre celebrity reactions to paparazzi, from DiCarpio to Johnny Depp.

10 Leonardo DiCaprio

I watch with my tiny eye Leonardo DiCaprio from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, hoping he can hide away from the paparazzi. It’s you, Leo. You can’t protect yourself from sneaky photographers when you’re this famous. The 45-year-old actor is lucky to have some experience.

Leo has been hilariously avoiding stealth paparazzi over the years, providing us with plenty of opportunities to have a good time. Many of his disguises have been immortalized on Reddit or Facebook as Photoshop gold. We can all agree that Leonardo DiCaprio hiding away from the paparazzi is the gift that keeps on giving.