Top 10 Celebrities Who Were Ex-Jocks and Cheerleaders 

There are many cliques in high school, but the one that most kids want to be part of is the cheerleaders and jocks group. The group of high-spirited girls cheering on their basketball and football players (mostly their boyfriends) is well-known. It’s not surprising that these boys and girls would become famous. It’s not. They aren’t just famous actors or actresses.

This is a reminder that these celebrities also went to high school and had normal teenage years. They went to class, played hooky (probably), and ate lunch in the cafeteria. They are still teenagers, even though they have now entered the glamour and glamor of Hollywood.

Here’s a fun, surprising list of Hollywood’s famous people who were either on high school or college teams or cheered on them with their short skirts & pompoms.

10 Jessica Simpson

Okay, so Jessica Simpson is an obvious former cheerleader. It’s not surprising that she cheered for the high school football team. Simpson, the daughter of a Baptist minister as well as a psychologist, first felt the joy of performing at age seven when she sang at her local church.

Simpson cheered at Richardson North Junior High School, Dallas’ suburbs, as an eighth-grader. She unsuccessfully auditioned for The Mickey Mouse Club. Evidently, she was unable to stand during the tryouts. A gospel music label noticed her covers of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You”, and “Amazing Grace”, which she performed at a camp. Simpson decided to leave J.J. Pearce High School in order to pursue a singing or acting career.