Top 10 Celebrity Siblings You Barely Hear About

There are many celebrity siblings that we hear about, and there are also many celebrity siblings that aren’t often mentioned. We will be discussing some of the more well-known, less known and most popular celebrity siblings. Some of these celebrities became well-known through their siblings.

 As you read the list, you’ll recognize many of these movies and shows that their siblings have been involved in. You are about to be amazed by some amazing stories!

10 The Other, Other Hemsworth Brother

You thought only two Hemsworth brothers existed. With their beautiful looks, Chris and Liam have made an impact on everyone around the globe. To get to where he was, Liam played a sweet and sympathetic role in Hunger Games. Chris took our hearts with a sweet and sexy role in Thor. They have a brother who is just as talented and equally handsome.

After starring in Neighbours, Luke Hemsworth was made famous in Australia. He became famous as his brothers when he began acting in Westworld, then he starred alongside Chris Hemsworth’s role in Thor. There is nothing better than being a Hemsworth.