Top 10 Crazy Cases That Only Judge Judy Can Settle

She is the no-nonsense lady who has made herself the most beloved judge in America. You can’t believe that the show is in its 23rd year. We’re talking about Judge Judy of course. 

Family court is full of interesting (and sometimes bizarre) disputes. These are by far the most outrageous. To be honest, you might question your faith and belief in humanity. However, you have the power to decide… pun intended.

10 Push Not Pull

Four men were accused of shooting up a car of man. That is quite a bizarre case. What happened when Judge Judy taught them about gun rights was what made this case so funny.

Judge Judy dismissed one of the defendants for speaking back. Then, another started to act sassy. He then left the courtroom and said, “Maybe there should be a test for being a judge!” Just as he reached his door, which was closed, he repeated it. Someone said to him “Push” and he exited the courtroom, with everyone laughing at him.