Top 10 Extravagant Hollywood Parties

There are many perks to being rich and famous. One of these perks is the freedom to host a party in any location, with any theme, and with as many people as you want, without worrying about the bill.

Businessmen, royalty, and A-list celebrities have held some of the most extravagant parties the world has ever seen over the years. The world’s elite can have private concerts or 5-day parties all over the globe.

10 Paris Hilton’s 21st Birthday Party

When you are the most well-known heiress in the entire world, and turn 21, it is going to be big. Paris Hilton was able to see this firsthand when her big day arrived in 2002. Paris decided to host several parties on her 5-day trip around the globe, instead of one big party.

They stopped in Paris (London), Tokyo, New York (L.A.), and Las Vegas.  It was expensive, as you can see. The cost of each guest was $75,000 per person.