Top 10 Female National Crush of India in 2022

Follow this post to find out the top 10 Indian female national crushes in 2022.

Social media is now the easiest and fastest way to spread the word about anything in the country. People will share what they love all over the internet until it is famous. This is evident in our post on the top 10 Indians who became popular overnight via social media.

Today, we’ll be talking about the girls who became the nation’s crush overnight. Top10About will share the top ten Indian national crushes. Let’s take a look at this post and let us know your crushes in the comments section.

10 Shirley Setia

Shirley Setia, an Indian singer, became an internet star at an early age. Her cute face and melodious voice made Setia the most loved national crush in India. She was born in Auckland, and graduated from the University of Auckland. She always dreamed of becoming a Bollywood actress since childhood. The T-Series contest provided her with this chance. She worked as a radio jockey and RJ/radio jockey during college. She began singing on YouTube after winning the T-Series contest. Artists from the USA, UK, India, Canada, and India collaborated with her music. In no time she was an instant internet celebrity and a crush of millions of fans.