Top 10 Hollywood Celebrity Closets

Celebrities are the best source of fashion trends, so it is only natural that celebrities have huge wardrobes filled with designer pieces. Who wouldn’t want to buy their dream bag, shoes, and apparel if they had the money?

These celebrities not only have amazing clothing and accessories collections but also store their items in stunning closets that are both impressive in design and storage capacity. Take a look at the closets that our fashion icons have created to make you swoon.

10 Elton John’s Glasses Closet

Elton John has had a long and successful career. One thing is certain: his penchant for fun-tinted sunglasses. Every single one of his sunnies is kept in a special place: his closet.

The British artist is a multi-millionaire with a net worth of over $500 million. His quirky taste is evident. His home, which is shared with his husband and their two sons, features funky art and animal print accents as well as a healthy dose of neon colors.