Top 10 Hollywood Movies Remade From Foreign Films

Hollywood filmmakers can only dream about making a blockbuster movie. Screenwriting is only one step in the process. Conceiving an original idea worthy of the big screen can be extremely difficult. Hollywood looks to other countries for inspiration.

Some of your favorite films were actually adapted from foreign films. You’ll be amazed at the Hollywood stars that originated in foreign countries, from sci-fi adventures, to psychological thrillers and action capers.

10 Let Me In

Letting Me In, a dark, mysterious, and interesting movie, stars Chloe Grace Moretz. She plays the role of a child vampire that befriends a bullied New Mexico 12-year-old boy. The Matt Reeves directed movie is a remake of the Swedish film Please Let The Right One.

Critics loved Moretz’s performance. Her commitment to the subtlety and terror of the vampire characters was both captivating and somewhat terrifying. The film didn’t go down well at the box office but it did bring in $4 million more than what was budgeted for, so it wasn’t all downhill.

Remake of: Let the Right One In

Original Country: Sweden

Worldwide Gross of US Remake: $24.1 million