Top 10 Hollywood Re-Used Iconic Costly Props

Movie production is a very expensive business. Because of the intricate logistics, sets, and props, it’s not uncommon for projects to exceed hundreds of million dollars. However, not every prop in a movie was made specifically for that particular production. Some of the props can be borrowed from the vaults.

Many of the most memorable pieces in cinema history were borrowed from past projects. The filmmakers have saved millions by reusing expensive props, such as the submarine in Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Batmobile.

10 Captain Kirk’s Reactor Mach II

The Reactor, designed by Gene Winfield is difficult to miss. Its appearance in Star Trek is the most famous for its low-slung, brightly-colored design. It was featured in the episode “Bread & Circuses”, and at least 18 photos were taken with it to promote the show.

This was not the Reactor’s last appearance. It was seen as Mach 2 in an episode where Catwoman drove it around. The Mission: Impossible episode “The Freeze” featured the Reactor, as well as the Bewitched episode “Super Car.”

Also Appears In: Bewitched, Batman TV series, Mission: Impossible

Estimated Savings: $20,000