Top 10 Hollywood Stars & Their Insured Body Parts

Many people have insurance that covers expensive items like cars and diamond wedding rings. Some celebrities have insurance that covers more than the items they purchase. And some people go so far as to take out insurance policies that cover their entire body!

Your ability to perform is what makes Hollywood money. Losing that ability will mean you don’t earn money. While this logic is valid, there are some people who go too far with it. These celebrities took out absurd insurance policies on various parts of their bodies, from their chest hair to their taste buds.

10 Miley Cyrus: Tongue

Miley Cyrus is a big name in Hollywood, regardless of whether you love or hate her. 2013 was a turbulent year. Miley was naked for that entire year, and her tongue was everywhere.

In music videos, she was seen licking hammers and sticking out her tongue in every photo. Popstar, Adele, decided to make a career of ensuring her tongue was covered in a million dollars.