Top 10 J-Lo’s Feuds & Her Infamous Diva Behavior

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most gifted women alive. She is a talented singer, dancer, and actor. J-Lo seems to be able to do everything. But sometimes, fame can get to your head and you don’t feel like Jenny from the Block anymore. Despite her stardom and millions of dollars in bank accounts, it’s possible she is not as sweet as she appears.

Jennifer Lopez has been involved in many celebrity feuds throughout her long career, which began in the 90s. While some are minor disputes, others are more serious and personal. J-Lo was also known for being a Hollywood Diva.

These celebs have beefed with Jen and her diva-like behavior.

10 Jennifer Lopez vs. Mariah Carey

The feud between Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez continues, believe it or not! Mariah Carey accuse J-Lo, back in 2000, of taking her music. Carey instead of moving on, she made it really awkward.

  Mariah once said in an interview that she didn’t know Jennifer Lopez. Although they knew each other, Mariah said that she didn’t know Jennifer Lopez.