Top 10 Lesser-Known Facts About Mary Padian

Storage Wars is one man’s trash and another man’s treasure. Storage Wars, which debuted on A&E in 2010, has been immensely popular and continues to be so until 2019. The reality T.V. There were many interesting characters on the reality TV show, including Brandi Passante and Don Dotson. Mary Padian is one of the most beautiful and younger stars of the show.

Mary was the most popular of the cast.  Mary, also known as “The Junkster”, was first seen in Storage Wars. She then became a regular host of the Texas spinoff. This bubbly brunette has a large fan base. She’s just as beautiful as she is successful. She is now 39 years old and is an excellent self-starter.

These are some less-known facts about Mary Padian.

10 She’s both Irish and Lebanese

Mary was born and raised in Texas, but her family ancestry has a more interesting story. Her father, John Padian is from Ireland, and her mother Teresa Padian is Lebanese. Mary had a happy childhood in Dallas. However, her parents divorced in 2009. When she was growing up, her father owned a junkyard. This set the foundation for her future career.

Mary was a young girl who would often rummage through the junkyard of her father to salvage anything she could either refurbish, overhaul, or transform into art. This, combined with her love of garage sales, made her a thrifty girl from a young age. The fun-loving, curious young woman is an open-minded individual who finds beauty in the junk of others.