Top 10 Most Extreme Movie Makeup Transformations

There’s movie makeup and there’s this. Movie makeup artists can do more than hiding imperfections. They can make actors look even better. Talented makeup artists or teams can transform an individual into something extraordinary.

This is the list of the most impressive and extreme makeup transformations seen on film. This list also honors the makeup artists who put in so much effort to make the film look amazing.

Enjoy the journey! Some of these actors will be hard to recognize.

10 Mike Meyers: The Cat in the Hat

Mike Myers, an SNL veteran, said that he was concerned about how to bring the iconic children’s character alive underneath all the makeup and heavy hats. He was most concerned about keeping the cat’s frisky nature alive in a costume that took five hours to put together.

For Steve Johnson, a makeup artist and special effects specialist from Edge FX, it took approximately 2 1/2 hours to complete the makeup. The catsuit was made from human hair and angora, while the nose was made of foam latex. It was literally glued to Myers’ face. Inside the catsuit was a vest that circulated cold water and an air conditioner portable for shooting when temperatures exceed 90 degrees.