Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Accounts in the World

This list contains the top 10 most popular Facebook accounts worldwide.

Celebrities and social media are now bonded in a unique way. Celebrities use social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to promote special events, upcoming movies, or albums.

Facebook is a highly rated social media platform with a large user base. Every celebrity will have an account on this social media platform. Celebrities hold the record for most-followed accounts on social media sites. This is what our last post Top 10 Most Following Twitter Accounts in the Globe is all about.

Do you know who is the most liked Facebook Account? You are in the right place if you don’t know who is the most popular Facebook Account. This post will tell you the top 10 most popular Facebook accounts. Let’s now get to the details.

10 Taylor Swift (72 million followers on Facebook)

Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She was born in Reading, Pennsylvania on 13th December 1989. She is a well-known celebrity on Facebook and is considered one of the top contemporary recording artists in the world.

The American singer of the highest caliber has two records among the top 10 most viewed YouTube videos of all time. She is also ranked among the top 10 most liked Facebook accounts, which speaks volumes about her popularity around the globe. Her Facebook page has 72 million fans.

The most famous Facebook celebrity posts photos of her stage shows and albums on her social media accounts. She has an enormous fan base around the globe. Although she’s not as active on social media, people still give her likes and emotions for old videos such as photos.