Top 10 Most Profitable Magazine Cover Deals Of All Time

The public love to see photos of celebrities on the covers of magazines. Publications are always trying to beat their competitors by offering exclusives. Everyone involved can reap the rewards of special editions and baby photos, as well as wedding photos.

The world of scintillating news is an important part of pop culture history. The battle for the next best story is a constant battle between actors, actresses, and tech billionaires.

10 Paris Hilton and Carter Reum’s wedding

Paris Hilton is both a fashion icon as well as a cultural staple. She is a fashion icon and cultural mainstay, who we remember from the “that’s hot!” era of the 2000s. The businesswoman and heiress have made a great deal. Paris has a net worth in the hundreds of millions. However, she didn’t give away photos from her wedding.

She sold Vogue’s rights when she married Carter Reum in Bel Air. She wore six dresses to the three-day event, though she originally planned to wear ten. All of the gowns were in high fashion and looked stunning in the Vogue spread.