Top 10 Perfect Role Models in India for Youngsters 2022

Are you looking for an ideal role model for India in 2022? This list contains the top 10 role models for Indian youth in 2022.

Role models can influence your actions and help you achieve your goals. It is therefore important to choose a positive role model. We have compiled a list of top Indian role models for students and youth in 2022 that can be used as motivational tools.

The following mentors are selected from a variety of professions based on their immense success and friendly personality. Millions of people are inspired by their success and dreams.

Let’s look at the list. Feel free to share your role model with us in the comments section.

10 Hasan Safin

Are you imagining your future in civil service and would you like to be an IPS officer? If so, you can be Hasan Safin as your role model.

Hasan Safin, the youngest IPS officer from India, is a model of hard work and dedication to achieving a goal in his life. Born in a lower-middle class family, where food and money were common obstacles, Hasan Safin was able to overcome these hurdles. He didn’t let that stop him from pursuing his dreams. He passed the UPSC Civil Services Exam with rank 570 in 2018. He was then appointed Assistant Superintendent of Police for District Jamnagar on 23 December 2019.

He saw an IPS officer at his school, who was getting such respect and security. He decided to become an IPS Officer at such a time. He worked hard, was prepared every day, and, through the kindness of his parents and well-wishers he passed the UPSC exam. You will be inspired to achieve your goals in life by reading his success story.