Top 10 Popular Celebrities who Died from Coronavirus

Many famous and well-known celebrities died of COVID-19. This is a sad list of top 10 celebrities who have died from coronavirus.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone, from children to the elderly to the rich and poor. This has been the worst nightmare in history, with no resolution. It has destroyed the lives of millions around the globe. Although over 1.2million people have been affected by COVID-19, everyone is taking the necessary precautions. Many celebrities have also died from coronavirus, which has caused widespread disruption around the globe.

We are sorry, but the number of celebrities who have died from coronavirus has been overwhelming. Therefore, we have chosen to list the top 10 most famous COVID-19 deaths.

Let’s pray that people around the globe who are corona positive will soon recover.

10 Terrence McNally

Terrence McNally was a well-known playwright who won four Tony Awards. He died on March 24, at the age 81, from coronavirus. His death shocked the world.

McNally is a playwright with many well-known works. He survived lung cancer and was also afflicted by the coronavirus. He died at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Sarasota Florida. He lost the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.