Top 10 Royal Women of the World

Are Megan Markle or Kate Middleton the most prominent royals? Although they are beautiful and seem to be amazing women, it is hard not to feel that they are stealing the spotlight from all other royal women around the world. Let’s not forget there are many royal monarchies in different countries around the globe.

These women are the future monarchs, graced with elegance and sophistication on our screens and papers by the royal ladies. These powerful and glamorous women are busy preparing for their reign. If you are curious about how these young women look and what they plan to do in the future, take a look at our gallery!

10 Mary of Denmark

Mary doesn’t have any blood relations to the Danish throne. However, she brings a certain sophistication to the Royal Family. She is married to Prince Frederick, who will be next in line to the throne. Mary was born and raised here and lives a fairytale romance. The couple has four children. Their eldest son will eventually be the ruler after his father’s death.

Mary Elizabeth Donaldson is the youngest child of four siblings to Scottish parents. Her mother, Henrietta Donaldson is an executive assistant at the University of Tasmania vice-chancellor. Her father, John Dalgleish Donaldson is a math professor. Her grandmother Mary Dalgleish Melrose (her grandmother) and John Dalgleish Donaldson (her father), gave her her name. Mary studied music, including piano, flute, and clarinet. She also played basketball, hockey, and ice hockey.