Top 10 Stars With No Experience Who Bagged Famous Roles

Anybody who has ever worked in the film industry knows that it isn’t easy to become a star actor. While some people work hard for years to finally get their chance, others give up and quit.

There are many stars who have stumbled into the industry by chance. Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars owe their success to a chance meeting at the bank or just walking down the street. These A-listers went on to work for big studios such as Disney, earning millions despite having no experience.

10 Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn, the goddess of the silver screen, lived a charming life of success. The actress was destined for greatness with her elegant features and graceful grace. However, it didn’t always lead to a career in the movie industry. Before she tried acting, she started her career as a ballerina.

After appearing in the 1944 stage version of Gigi, Collette spotted her. Hepburn was the first cast in Roman Holiday in 1953.