Top 10 ‘Survivor’ Behind-The-Scenes Facts

If you’re like me, you can still recall the first-ever season of Survivor, which aired 20 years ago. Since 2000 when it debuted, Survivor has been captivating viewers. The show takes us on a thrilling rollercoaster ride full of love stories, heartbreaks, and incredible survival challenges. Jeff Probst, host of the show, and the contestants have been able to maintain our undivided attention and provide us with some genuine popcorn-eating entertainment.

Reality TV has many real and unreal elements. Survivor is indeed filmed on an actual island. However, there are many other behind-the-scenes facts fans would love to know. This is why we are here. This is a list of all the amazing facts about the best reality competition show in TV history, from legal issues to medical emergencies to contestants smuggling items.

10 The Dream Survivor Internship

The Dream Team is a group made up of college students who spend the summer trying out upcoming Survivor challenges. This is a dream internship! This internship is designed to help contestants with their challenges and fix any issues that might arise. The best part? Interns get paid!

Filming a challenge requires multiple steps. The interns first do dry runs of the challenges in order to block out any action for the cameras. They then do a dress rehearsal and the producers go through the footage to make their decisions. The interns then take on the challenge. To give you an idea, the internships are held on islands such as Fiji. Interns assist with prop-making and production preparation.