Top 10 TV Shows That Are Surprisingly Expensive

Television is an integral part of the entertainment industry. Major studios like Sony, Universal, and Disney spend hundreds of millions each year on new content development, production, and marketing – all in the hope of creating a mega-hit to boost ratings and attract commercial sponsors.

Some shows can be more expensive to produce than we realize, including special effects, casting salaries, sets, and other set costs. To succeed even nostalgic programs required major investments. Many used product placement to boost their budgets. These beloved TV shows were expensive, and you might not have realized it!

10 How I Met Your Mother

Fans were captivated by Ted Mosby’s search for the woman of his dreams for nine seasons. This series was a huge success for CBS, but they had to keep the show’s ratings high each season in order to maintain profitability. HIMYM was a high-end series that cost $2 million an episode. Jason Segel and Josh Radnor took home $5 million each season.

The network was not content with a television show, as were many of the other popular shows of its time. Because of its success merchandise started to appear all over the country. CBS capitalized on its success by launching clothing, homeware, and Funko Wacky Wobblers.