Top 10 Vloggers You Must Follow on YouTube

Below is a top ten list of YouTube vloggers that have received the most views and subscribers. These vloggers specialize in different areas, and they have shown to be the best in their chosen fields. This list will challenge aspiring vloggers to keep up with the highest standards as well as the most talked about topics on YouTube.

10 VlogBrothers, The Power of Awesome

VlogBrothers YouTube channel was established in 2007 and is currently owned by Hank Green, and John Green. The channel’s purpose is to educate and entertain people. The brothers, who were curious and observant, went above and beyond to cover sensitive topics in society such as death. The channel has more than 3million subscribers and has been viewed over 748million times. Their videos include topics related to everyday issues and natural catastrophes like tsunamis and earthquakes.