Top 10 Women of NCIS: In Character & In Real Life

Over the years, many strong and notable female characters have been featured in the hit series NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Services). Some of the most compelling female characters on NCIS have left, but others have remained for many seasons. They have all made an impact. We are left wondering what their lives would be like in real life.

10 Scottie Thompson as Dr. Jeanne Benoit

IN CHARACTER:  Dr. Jeanne was introduced to the show in 2006 as Tony DiNozzo’s new girlfriend. As the show progressed it became clear that her father was Rene Benoit who was a well-known arms dealer. Jeanne managed to charm her team despite this. Fans of NCIS were anxiously waiting for Jeanne to return to Tony, as they had split before her departure in 2008.

IN REAL LIFE: The 37-year-old actress made a comeback in 2015 as Jeanne, but only for two episodes. Fans still enjoyed seeing her, however. Thompson has also done other things, such as appearing in the music video for Bon Jovi’s song “What do you get?” Thompson made her debut in movies like ‘Star Trek’, in which she played Nero’s wife, and Skyline’, in which she played Elaine. She also played Vivian in the series “12 Monkeys”.