Top 10 Women of Star Trek & Where Are They Now

9 Linda Park

THEN Linda Park portrayed Hoshi Sato in Star Trek: Enterprise. She was the Starship Enterprise communications officer and was able to speak over forty languages, including Klingon. She was an expert in operating the universal translator, and she was crucial in helping other cultures and worlds communicate.

NOW Would it surprise you if I said that Linda Park, like all other actresses out there, took on a guest part in Law & Order Special Victims Unit. She also played small roles on NCIS, House, Legends, Castle, iZombie, and Castle. She was born in California, and she always performed in high school productions.

She then went on to earn a bachelor’s in fine arts from Boston. Park was always a dancer and considers it her second love. Park continues to study and practice ballet, as well as other forms of dancing. In October 2014, she married Daniel Bess. They had one son together in June 2018 and they are still together.