What is Bill Burr’s Net Worth?


Bill Burr’s net worth was approximately $12 million as of July 2022.

William “Bill” Frederic Burr, an American comedian, actor, writer and podcaster, is from Canton.

Burr is most well-known for hosting the Money Morning Podcast, appearing as a guest on Chappelle’s Show and playing Patrick Kubt, in a crime drama series called ‘Breaking Bad.

Early Life

William Frederic Burr was conceived in Canton, Massachusetts on the 10th of June 1968. Burr is the son of nurse Linda Ann and dentist Robert Edmund Burr. 

Burr graduated high school in 1987 and received a bachelor’s in radiogram at Emerson College Boston in 1993.


Burr’s professional career began in 1992 when he moved from New York to pursue his dream. He has been recording a weekly podcast called Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast since 2007. You can find the podcast on Burr’s site and on All Things Comedy.

He is also a regular guest on radio programs and with other comedians like Opie and Anthony. His first special, an hour-long, was recorded at The Fillmore in San Fransisco. It premiered on Comedy Central in 2010.

By observers in the US stand-up comedy scene, Burr was referred to by them as a “comedians’ comedian”, meaning that Burr is a comedian whose work has been followed and appreciated by other professional comedians.

He was Detective Walsh in Date Night. He also appeared as Patrick Kuby in the fourth and fifth seasons of AMC’s Breaking Bad.

Netflix approved the second season of the series in 2016. Burr and Michael Price executive produce the series. Burr’s fifth hour-long special Walk Your Way Out debuted on Netflix on January 31, 2017.


These are the top highlights of Bill Burr’s career:

  • Date Night (Movie, 2010) 
  • Cheat (Movie, 2011) 
  • Breaking Bad (TV Show, 2011-2013) 
  • Daddy’s Home (Movie, 2015) 

Three Wonderful Lessons From Bill Burr

We now know all about Bill Burr and his net worth. Let’s look at some lessons we can learn.

1. It doesn’t matter what your looks are, and you are not ugly

Obsessing one’s appearance is going to make you unhappy with your body. Accept yourself for who you are. You are so much more beautiful than you realize.

2. Do not dwell on negative energy from others

They may not mean it, and they will regret it when they reflect on it. Always forgive.

3. How to feel through life

Thoughts about people and places fade with time but our feelings about those things will stay with us for all eternity. Keep those memories close to your heart.

Favorite Quotes From Bill Burr

This is not yelling at me. I’m not shouting. I am passionate about my opinions, and I want you to hear them all before you get back on the phone.

You may be surprised to learn that men are more successful than women in making money. In the unlikely event that we are both on the Titanic, and it sinks, for some reason you get to go with the children and I have to stay. That’s why I make the dollar an hour more.