What is Blake Shelton’s Net Worth?


Blake Shelton has a net worth of $100 million as of July 2022.

Blake Shelton is an American country singer and television personality from Oklahoma.

He made his debut in 2001 with “Austin”, the lead single from his self-titled debut album. His debut single, “Austin”, spent five weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts.

Early Life

Blake Shelton was the son of Dorothy, a beauty salon entrepreneur, and Richard Shelton, a used car salesman on the 18th of June 1976 in Ada, Oklahoma.

He had already received the Denbo Diamond Award in his state by age 16. His older brother Richie Shelton, who was 24 years old, was killed in an auto accident on November 13, 1990.


Blake Shelton graduated from high school in 1994 and decided to pursue a full-time career in songwriting and singing. He sold and wrote songs for several music publishing houses. He was soon signed to a solo contract with Giant Records.

He released his third album, Blake Shelton’s Barn & Grill, in 2004. Singles like ‘Some Beach’, and ‘Nobody but Me’ were very popular and the album reached the 20th spot on the US Billboard 200.

Shelton released many other albums over the following years. The albums include Red River Blue’ (2011) and Cheers It’s Christmas’ (2012).

Shelton’s tenth album, “If I am Honest”, was released in May 2016. The album debuted at number three on US Billboard 200. It went on to be a huge success. Within the first week of its debut, it sold 153,000 copies.


These are some of Blake Shelton’s greatest moments in his career:

  • Austin (Song, 2001) 
  • The Dreamer (Album, 2003) 
  • I Lived It (Song, 2017)

Three Lessons From Blake Shelton

Now that you have a better understanding of Blake Shelton’s net worth and how he became a success, let’s look at some lessons we can take from him.

1. Do not make mistakes

Don’t be afraid to take chances and make mistakes. This is how you learn. Pain nourishes your courage. To be brave, you must fail.

2. Victory

The greater the difficulty of winning, the greater your happiness.

3. Be prepared to fail

Failure to plan is a sign that you are not prepared.

Favorite Quotes From Blake Shelton 

If things don’t turn out as you expected, it is important to keep your best intentions in mind. I have many good intentions.

Don’t spend your time looking behind your back; the love you have from the past isn’t getting any closer. If I look into the future, you are all I can see. Honey, don’t forget to love me.