What is Brian Boitano’s Net Worth?


Brian Boitano is an American figure skater.

Boitano is well-known for being the 1988 Olympic Champion as well as the 1986 and 1998 World Champions. He was the U.S. National Champion between 1985 and 1988.

Boitano was a professional figure skater after 1988.

In 1993, he was back in the competition.

Brian Boitano is worth approximately $18 Million as of June 20, 2022.

Early Life

Brian Anthony Boitano was born in Mountain View, California on the 22nd of October 1963.

He is a graduate of Marian A. Peterson high school in California. Boitano is Italian.

His international fame began when he won the bronze at the World Junior Figure Skating Championships in 1978.


After the 1984 Olympics, he won 1985 the United States Figure Skating Championships.

Alexander Fadeev won the World Championships. Brian Orser was 2nd and Boitano 3rd.

He added two new jumps to the Tano triple lutz program in 1986-87: a quadruple-toe loop and a Tano triple lutz. He failed to land a clean quadruple jump at the competition.

After losing the title to Orser in the world, he decided to make some adjustments with his coach Linda Leaver if he was to become the Olympic champion.

Bezic choreographed 2 programs with clean lines that would help him to be one of the most skilled figure skaters. Based on Giacomo Meyerbeer’s ballet Les Patineurs where he plays a young boy showing off his tricks, the program was created.

Skate Canada in 1987 saw Boitano debut his new programs. It was held at the Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta and Canada. He would be competing against Brian Orser for Olympic gold a few months later.

Standing ovations followed his new program. Boitano won the competition, but Orser lost. However, he skated flawlessly in seven triple jumps. The 1988 United States Figure Skating Championships program was a great success.

He was awarded 6.0 points by eight out of the nine judges. His free skating was not perfect. He was the Olympic champion and won the competition.


Here are some highlights from Brian Boitano’s career:

  • Olympic Champion (1988)
  • U.S. National Champion (1985 – 1988)
  • The Brian Boitano Project (TV-Show, 2014)

Three Incredible Lessons From Brian Boitano

Now that we know everything about Brian Boitano, his net worth, and how he became successful, let’s see some of the greatest lessons we can take from him.

1. Kids

Figure skating is not something that children are familiar with. They don’t know how a compulsory figure works, which is so crucial for edge quality.

2. Amateur Skating

This is what amateur skating is all about: technical expertise. It should never change.

3. Do not give up

It is important to keep competing and try harder the second time. Never give up. Hard work and dedication are the keys to success in life. You have to put in the work if you want to be the best.

Favorite Quote From Brian Boitano

“I love skating. I love the speed and power of it. It’s a great way to feel alive for a few seconds. I can defy gravity to fly through the air. And I love how a great performance of skating can bring out the best in people .”