What is Cee Lo Green’s Net Worth?


Cee Lo Green’s net worth was estimated at $10 million as of July 2022.

American rapper, singer, actor, songwriter, record producer, and actor Thomas DeCarlo Callaway is best known for his stage name, “Cee Lo Green”. He hails from Atlanta. Green is most well-known for his soul music.

Gnarls Barkley’s 2006 hit “Crazy”, which reached number one on various singles charts around the world, was his most-loved song.

Early Life

Green was born in Atlanta on the 30th of May 1975. He graduated high school from Riverside Military Academy, a Georgia boarding school for boys. His parents were both ministers, and he began his career in the church.

Green was only 2 years old when his father died. Green’s mother, who was paralyzed in a car accident two years earlier, died two years later.

Green has since admitted to being a fan of disgraced British glam rock singer Gary Glitter.


CeeLo Green was a part of ‘Goodie Mob’ in OutKast’s debut album ‘Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik’ in 1994.

Goodie mob released their debut album, titled “Soul Food” in the following year. Green later wrote about his mom in the song “Guess Who”, which also appeared on the album.

The group released their second album, “Still Standing”, in 1998. It was also a commercial success. In 1999, their next album, ‘World Party, was released. This was also the year that he left the group to pursue a solo career.

Cee Lo Green’s first solo album, “CeeLo Green and His Perfect Illusions”, was released in 2002.

In 2004, Arista released his second album, ‘Cee Lo Green… Is The Soul Machine’. It peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

Green’s breakthrough was in 2006 when he and DJ Danger Mouse created a duo called “Gnarls Barkley”.

They also released their first album, “St. Elsewhere’. The UK’s number one hit single, Crazy, became a massive success.

Cee Lo Green was able to continue giving people what they wanted, as he released “Forget You” in 2010. He has been a voice actor in the animated film ‘Hotel Transylvania’ as well as appearing in several television programs.


These are some of the greatest moments in Cee Lo Greens’s career:

  • Forget You (Song, 2010)
  • Cry Baby (Song, 2010)
  • The Lady Killer (Album, 2010)
  • Grammy Awards (Best R&B Song, 2012) – Won
  • Only You (Song, 2013)
  • Heart Blanche (Album, 2015)

Three Success Lessons From CeeLo Green

Now that you’re familiar with Cee Lo Green and his net worth, let’s take a look at some of the lessons he can teach us.

1. Balance is the key

Balance is the key. All of us should strive for better balance. Too much of the world’s discourse is too one-sided. We need to find balance in all areas, including music and art.

2. Emotions

You can’t just receive emotion. Emotion can be compelled. Other than that, we are just shells until we are possessed or reanimated by different emotions.

3. Music

Music is an integral part of our society. Music is a way to spread positivity, productivity, and good word. These things are powerful.