What is David Filo’s Net Worth?


David Filo is an American billionaire. Filo is Yahoo!’s co-founder with Jerry Yang.

Filo Server Program was written using the C programming language. It was server-side software that dynamically served variable web pages to users who visited early versions of the Yahoo! website.

David Filo’s net worth was estimated at $3.2 billion as of June 2022.

Early Life

David Robert Filo was a Wisconsin native, who was born on April 2, 1966.

He moved to Moss Bluff in Louisiana when he was six years old.

Filo graduated from Sam Houston High School where he received a B.S. Filo graduated from Sam Houston High School with a B.S. in Computer Engineering. He also received a Dean’s Honor Scholarship to Tulane University and an M.S. Degree at Stanford University in 1990.


Filo finally gave $30 million to TU’s School of Engineering.

Filo gave a donation of $30 million to TU’s School of Engineering.

He was born and raised in Wisconsin. After moving with his family from Wisconsin to Louisiana when he was six years old, he attended Sam Houston High School in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Filo received a Dean’s Honor Scholarship at Tulane University. Filo received a BSc in Computer Engineering and then went on to Stanford University, where he obtained a Master of Science.

While at Stanford, he formed a partnership with Jerry Yang (another Computer Engineer) to create a directory that would allow people to share websites with each other.

Yahoo! began together. together. It was originally created to help users organize their information and make it easier for others to find relevant sites. Yahoo! Soon, Yahoo! included other Stanford alumni.

This company became one of the most popular search engines and directories online. Today, the company offers more services than just web searches, such as online dating, shopping, and website hosting.


These are some highlights from David Filo’s career:

  • Co-founder of Yahoo!
  • B.S. degree in computer engineering

Three Amazing Lessons From David Filo

We now know everything about David Filo and his success. Let’s look at some lessons we can learn.

1. E-Mails

People should consider e-mail as a way to archive their lives.

2. Internet

The Internet isn’t nearly as reliable as the phone system.

3. Open

It is something to be open. It will continue driving a lot more innovation.

Favorite Quotes From David Filo

Search will be an important paradigm because the amount of information out there is only going up exponentially. The only way to sort it all is through some form of search.

This is a great question. It’s what we’re trying for here. Yahoo! Answers is trying to foster these communities. 

It was a lot to do with the enthusiasm of many Yahoo! employees. Although we have done many things over the years and are still passionate about this stuff, the best way to make an impact is through our employees.