What is David Thomson’s Net Worth?


David Thomson, a Canadian hereditary peer is a media magnate.

Thomson was elected chairman of Thomson Corporation. He also inherited the British title of Baron Thomson of Fleet from his father. He was elected chairman of Thomson Reuters, the merged entity in 2008.

He was named Canada’s wealthiest person in 2020.

David Thomson’s net worth was estimated at $32 Billion as of July 2022.

Early Life

David Kenneth Roy Thomson was a Canadian, born on June 12, 1957 in Toronto, Ontario.

Thomson is Marilyn Lavis’ eldest child. Thomson has a sister, Taylor Thomson. His brother Peter Thomson drives a race car.

Thomson graduated from Selwyn College in Cambridge with a Bachelor of Arts in 1978. He also studied history. Thomson attended the Hall School and Upper Canada College as a child.


Thomson began his business career in Toronto as a junior associate with McLeod Young Wiir. Thomson left McLeod Young Weir to join the Thomson family’s business. He held various positions in Thomson-owned companies. He was the manager of The Bay at Cloverdale Mall.

Thomson founded Osmington Incorporated which was owned and managed by Thomson outside the Thomson empire. Osmington manages commercial real property assets for institutional shareholders. In 2010, the company sold its stakes in eight retail properties to Canada Pension Plan for $336 Million.

How Does David Thomson Spend His Money

David Thomson invests his money in art and real estate.

Thomson lives alone in a private home that also houses an underground gallery in Rosedale, Toronto. Thomson has three children who live in London, UK. Thomson still owns several homes.

Thomason is a well-known art collector who owns Rembrandt and J. M. W. Turner’s works. He also has work by Edvard Munch and Patrick Heron.


These are some of the greatest highlights from David Thomson’s career.

  • Thomson Corporation Chairman
  • Winnipeg Jets Owner

Three Life Lessons From David Thomson

We now know everything about David Thomson’s net worth, and how he became a successful entrepreneur. Let’s look at some of his lessons.

1. Funny Things

It’s funny to write something you don’t like. It’s easy to feel free. It’s a strange feeling of freedom.

2. Display of Dangerous

It was a rare display of such brutal, dangerous male beauty on American stages.

3. Follow Your Dreams

Follow your passions and dreams.

Favorite Quotes From David Thomson

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