What is Dude Perfect’s Net Worth?


Dude Perfect’s networth is approximately $50 Million as of August 2022. Currently, they have more than 5 Billion viewers.

Dude Perfect is an American entertainment group known for its YouTube channel. The group includes twins Cody Jones, Cody Cotton, and Garrett Hilbert.

The first time they were recognized was when they began uploading videos about sports on YouTube. In just one week, their videos received more than 200,000 hits.


Their first video, “Backyard Edition,” was a great success. Their second video, Sky Ranch, has over 18 million views. The group was then contacted by ESPN to do a segment.

The group started receiving professional endorsements and requests. Dude Perfect has had the opportunity to work with all types of athletes and launched a mobile application for iOS and Android in 2011.

The Harlem Globetrotters picked Dude Perfect as their 2015 player draft. Later, they approved a television series entitled “The Dude Perfect Show”.

The record for the longest shot of basketball was set in 2009 by the cast when one of them was shooting from Kyle Field’s third deck.

They also extended their record by adding a cross tower shot, which was 216 feet (66m high) and the basket measuring 150ft (46.6m). Their Ping Pong Trick Shots 3 video was number 3 on YouTube’s Top Virals.

Dude Perfect has partnered with some of the most renowned athletes around the globe, including Serena Williams and Aaron Rodgers, Chris Paul and Luke Bryan.


These are the top highlights of Dude Perfect’s career:

These are the most viewed and popular YouTube videos

  • Ping Pong Trick Shots (59 million views, uploaded 2014)
  • Nerf Blasters Edition (96 million views, uploaded 2014)
  • Bowling Trick Shots ( 84 million views, uploaded 2014)
  • Soccer Trick Shots (65 million views, uploaded 2016)
  • World Records (77 million views, uploaded 2016)
  • Marksman Trick Shot (20 million views, uploaded 2016)
  • Extreme Pogo Sticks (43 million views, 2015)
  • Paper Airplane Battle (58 million views, 2013)

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