What is Edward Snowden’s Net Worth?


Edward Snowden, a former computer intelligence consultant.

Snowden is most well-known for leaking classified information to the NSA in 2013. He worked for the Central Intelligence Agency.

He revealed numerous global surveillance programs that were run by the NSA, Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance, and other agencies. It is not surprising that Snowden is among the most intelligent persons alive.

Edward Snowden’s net worth was estimated at $500 million as of June 2022.

Early Life

Edward Joseph Snowden was a North Carolina native who was born on the 21st of June 1983.

His grandfather was a rear admiral with the U.S. Coast Guard. He served with the FBI and was the Pentagon’s chief in 2001.

His father was an officer with the Coast Guard and his mother is a clerk at the U.S District Court for the District of Maryland. His sister was a Federal Judicial Center lawyer.

His parents divorced in 2001. Snowden scored more than 145 on two IQ exams.


In 2006, Snowden was offered a job at Central Intelligence Agency.

The diplomatic cover provided by Geneva allowed him to be stationed. Snowden discovered the surveillance systems.

He then went to work at Booz Allen Hamilton for three months. While he was at Booz Allen, he began to investigate the top-secret files belonging to the “NSA”.

He developed epilepsy after he had finished collecting the secret documents. He set up a meeting with The Guardian journalist.

2013 was the year that the entire world received the information.

The secret information was gathered using PRISM, a program created by the NSA. The news shocked the world, and NSA was bitter that he continued to address media from Hong Kong.

Later, he moved to Russia from Hong Kong. His passport problems left him stranded. He was allowed to remain in Russia by the Russian government.

Americans saw him as a hero, and they created a petition to release him from all charges. He remained in Russia until Barack Obama requested that the agencies investigate the matter. He claimed that he no longer had the NSA documents.


Here are some highlights from Edward Snowden’s career:

  • Highly classified information leaked (2013)
  • Freedom of the Press Foundation (2016

Three Powerful Lessons From Edward Snowden

Now that you’re familiar with Edward Snowden’s net worth, and how he became successful, let’s look at the most important lessons we can learn.

1. Injustice

Everyone can recall a time in their lives when they saw injustice but turned away from the possibility of being involved.

2. You’re Being Watched

Even if there is nothing wrong with you, you are being monitored and recorded.

3. Our Society

As a society, we are losing our way. We are losing our way as a society if we fail to stand up and say what those rights should be. If we don’t protect them, then we will soon discover that they don’t exist.

Favorite Quotes From Edward Snowden

America is fundamentally a good country. People with good morals and values are able to do the right things. However, the existing structures of power are working for their own ends to increase their ability at the expense .”

“Individuals have international obligations that transcend national obligations of obedience. Individual citizens are responsible for violating domestic laws to prevent crimes against humanity and peace.”