What is Erik Estrada’s Net Worth?


Erik Estrada is an American actor. He also serves as a police officer.

Estrada is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Francis, a California Highway Patrol officer, in the television series ‘CHiPs. The series aired from 1977 through 1983.

Estrada became well-known later for his work in Spanish-language Telenovelas, his appearances as an infomercial host on reality television shows, and his regular voice on Adult Swim’s ‘Sealab 2021.

As of August 2022, Erik Estrada’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $4 Million. 

Early Life

Henry Enrique “Erik” Estrada (born 16 March 1949 in New York)

With his role as Frank Poncherello, a policeman in the popular television series ‘CHiP’, Estrada has captured millions of hearts around the globe.

Apart from the series’ six-year run, he became famous for his work with Spanish language telenovelas and reality TV shows as well as infomercials. He is the child of Renaldo and Carmen Moreno Estrada. His parents are Puerto Rican.


His outstanding career as a voiceover artist and working gig at Cartoon Network’s Sealab 2021’ have helped him build a substantial net worth.

In 1970, he appeared in his first film, “The Cross and the Switchblade”. He played Nicky Cruz with Pat Boone. David Wilkerson was also his role. Estrada had the opportunity to appear in the 1975 disaster movie ‘Airport’ before he was cast in the starring role in ChiPs.

Estrada’s career has included appearances in three-part episodes of the police drama Hunter,’ the series Armed and Famous, and perhaps the biggest telenovela, Dos Mujeres, Un Camino in 1993.

Estrada can be seen on the big screen in ‘From Dawn Til Dawn’ in 1996. His private life was a three-time marriage. He was both married and divorcé from Joyce Miller and Peggy Rowe. They had two children.

Nanette Mirkovich is his present wife and they have one son.


Here are some highlights from Erik Estrada’s career.

  • Guns (Movie, 1990)
  • Do or Die (Movie, 1991) 
  • CHiPs’99 (Movie, 1998) 
  • CHIPS (Movie, 2017) 

How Does He Spend His Money

Erik Estrada uses his money for charity and real estate.

Estrada owns a home in Los Angeles, California.

Estrada has donated to charities such as American Heart Association. American Stroke Association. Feed the Children. Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation. Race to Erase MS. Safe Surfin’ Foundation. Smile Train. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Tony Hawk Foundation.

Three Life Lessons From Erik Estrada

Now that you’re familiar with Erik Estrada’s net worth, and how he became successful, let’s examine some of his lessons.

1. Your Strenght

Some people dislike you because of your strength. Don’t let hate stop you.

2. Learn

No one can help you if you’re not ready to learn. You can’t stop learning if you are determined.

3. Okay To Be Scared

It’s normal to feel scared. You’re about to be really, really brave if you’re scared.

Favorite Quotes From Erik Estrada

My new passion is for all schools to have Internet education. We have to teach our children how safe they can be in the more than 40,000 chat rooms. Because they are being taken advantage of. These sexual predators groom the children. I know because I’ve seen them all.

You know what, I love Latin people. They are loyal to your side. They love you even if you aren’t on TV for thirty-years. They cherish you and treat you with respect. In Latin America, you don’t find fast food.