What is Evelyn Lozada’s Net Worth?


Evelyn Lozada is an American television personality, model, and spokesperson.

Lozada was one of six main cast members for the reality series “Basketball Wives” which aired from 2010 to 2010.

She is the ex-wife of NFL player Chad Johnson and has dated other athletes like Antoine Walker, Carl Crawford, and Carl Crawford. She is a social media guru and has millions of followers.

Early Life

Evelyn Alexandra Lozada was born in The Bronx on December 10, 1975. Lozada was born to Sylvia Ferrer and Nengo Lozada. Her mother raised her with her sister. She is Puerto Rican.

Lozada relocated to Miami in 2007. Lozada worked as a secretary before becoming co-owner at Dulce, a boutique selling shoes in Coral Gables. She is a Roman Catholic.


She was co-owner of Dulce and appeared on Basketball Wives on VH1 between 2010 and 2013. The series followed the lives and relationships of ex-wives and girlfriends of professional basketball athletes. Lozada was featured in all seven seasons of the series.

Lozada was a guest on the 2012 reality show “Iyanla: Fix my Life”. A reality series called ‘Ev and Ocho,’ which would follow her and her ex-husband Chad Johnson’s lives was also planned. She starred alongside her daughter Shaniece in the reality TV series “Livin Lozada”.

She has appeared on ‘The Mo’Nique Show’ ‘Big Morning Buzz Live’ ‘The Insider’ ‘Today’ ‘Entertainment Tonight’ ‘It’s Not You’ ‘It’s Men’ ‘Dish Nation’ ‘Home & Family’ ‘Hollywood Medium’ ‘Hollywood Today Live’ and ‘The Real.

Lozada and Courtney Parker co-authored a novel in 2012 called “The Wives Association: Inner Circle”. It was published by Cash Money Content Books.

She co-authored ‘The Perfect Date’ with Holly Lorincz in 2019. Lozada will publish her third novel, which she co-authored with Lorincz and is called ‘The Wrong Mr. Darcy,’ in the next year.

Evelyn Lozada’s net worth is approximately $4 million as of July 2022.

How Does Evelyn Lozada Spend Her Money

Evelyn Lozada has a huge wardrobe and does charity work.

Lozada has been a supporter of many organizations over the years. PETA is one of the charities she has supported.

Lozada has a lot of expensive clothing and jewelry in her wardrobe. She owns many expensive dresses.


Here are some of the best highlights of Evelyn Lozada’s career:

  • Basketball Wives (Reality Show, 2010-)
  • PETA’s campaign (2012)

Three Motivational Lessons From Evelyn Lozada

Now that you’re familiar with Evelyn Lozada and her success, let’s look at some lessons we can take from her.

1. Be Piness isn’t something you put off for the future, it is something that you plan for now. Stop worrying about the past and start focusing on the future.

2. A Plan is Essential

You only need the plan, the roadmap, and the determination to get there.

3. You Can Do It

You have to do what you don’t think you can, and you have to believe that you can.

Favorite Quotes From Evelyn Lozada

If things are going well in your life (maternity, career, personal relationships, or just general life), the devil can sneakily try to get in and throw you off course with negative thoughts, BS.

When I think about things, I often think, “oh my gosh, maybe that wasn’t the best way to handle this situation.” Or, “What will my daughter think?” I know I have to do better.