What is Fatboy Slim’s Net Worth?


Fatboy Slim is an English musician and DJ.

He was the bassist of the Hull-based, indie-rock band, the Housemartins. They achieved a UK number one single with their Acappella cover of “Caravan of Love”. Beats International, an electronic band he formed in Brighton, produced the number-one single ‘Dub Be Good To Me.

He was a part of Freak Power, Pizzaman and the Mighty Dub Katz, with some success.

Early Life

Norman Quentin Cook was born in Bromley, Kent on the 31st of July 1963.

Cook was born in Reigate, Surrey. Cook was educated at Reigate Grammar School where he learned violin with future Labour Party leader Keir Stermer.

Cook was a music lover from a young age. Cook was 14 when his brother brought him the first album of punk band The Damned. This turned him on to the genre and he began attending gigs at The Greyhound pub in Croydon as well as playing in punk bands.


Fatboy Slim was the bassist in The Housemartins, an indie rock band that rose to prominence in the 1980s. Their 1986 cover of Isley Jasper-Isley’s “Caravan of Love” was a UK number one single.

Two years later, the band broke up. Slim started Beats International, which was their debut album. It spawned their iconic hit, “Dub Be Good To Me”. In 1991, they recorded their last and next recording, ‘Excursion On The Version’. It did not achieve the same success as its predecessor.

Slim joined a variety of other bands, including Freak Power and Pizzaman, with moderate success.

He began recording under the alias Fatboy Slim in 1996 and released his album “Better Living Through Chemistry” in June.

His hits included singles like ‘You’ve come a long way, baby’ and Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars. He also recorded the associated singles ‘The Rockafeller Skank’, ‘Praise You’, ‘Right Here, Right Now and the ‘Weapon of Choice.

His electronic music is created by using a variety of music from house to funk. He has won ten MTV Video Music Awards as well as two Brit Awards. He began work on The Brighton Port Authority in 2008.


These are the top highlights from Fatboy Slim’s career:

  • Build (Song, 1987) 
  • Praise You (Song, 1998) 
  • You’ve Come a Long Way (Album, 1998) 
  • Ya Mama (Song, 2000) 
  • Here Lies Live (Album, 2010) 

Three Life Lessons From Fatboy Slim

Now that we know everything about Fatboy Slim and his success, let’s look at some of the lessons that we can learn from him.

1. Get involved

Thoughts and words can be inspiring, but unless you are willing to take the first step, your dream will remain a dream.

2. The Present

Enjoy the moment with passion and fullness. Only through the moment can we truly live.

3. You are strong

You are more resourceful and stronger than you think.

Favorite Quotes From Fatboy Slim

The British Hip Hop scene was essentially a result of word of mouth. People like you spread the word in different places.

A good DJ looks at the crowd and sees what they are like. Smile at them. A bad DJ will always look down on what they are doing and do their own thing in their bedroom.

Before House, I didn’t think that the English could make very good dance records. There were also very few English Rap records. But once House came along, all of a sudden, we started making them and I believe we now lead the world in dance music.