What is Flavor Flav’s Net Worth?


Flavor Flav’s net worth was approximately $2 million as of July 2022.

William Jonathan Drayton Jr. is better known as Flavor Flav, an American comedian, actor, comedian, and TV personality from New York.

As a member of the hip-hop group Public Enemy, he rose to fame. He is well-known for his role as the hype man, and for shouting “Yeah! Boyee!”

Early Life

William Jonathan Drayton was a New Yorker who was born in Roosevelt on March 16th, 1893. He was a musical prodigy, a self-taught pianist who also played the drums, guitar, and 15 other instruments.

Drayton was often on the wrong side law and was twice jailed for burglary and robbery. In the eleventh grade, he dropped out of school and graduated from culinary school in 1980.


Flavor Flav met Carlton Ridenhour at Adelphi University on Long Island. They became friends and were known as Chuck D. Flavor Flav adopted Chuck D’s stage name from his graffiti tag.

Flav, Chuck D., DJ Lord and Khari Wynn formed 1982 a hip-hop collective called Public Enemy, Long Island.

Flavor Flav’s debut album ‘Yo! Bum Rush the Show, Flavor Flav’s debut album, was released in 1987. Fight the Power, the band’s 1989 political single, was released. This song called for people to stand up against injustice and contained derogatory lyrics about John Wayne, Elvis Presley, and John Wayne.

In 2004, he was invited by VH1 to appear on the reality TV show “The Surreal Life”, in which a few celebrities live together. He formed a friendship with Brigitte Nielsen during the show.

VH1 gave Flav & Brigitte Strange Love in 2005. This show featured their love story and reflected their global adventures. Brigitte was reunited with Mattia Dessi after Strange Love.

Flavor Flav’s Chicken & Ribs was founded by him and two other Michigan residents in 2012. This too was shut down by the landlord in 2012 for not paying rent. He was reunited with Liz, his long-term girlfriend, on ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap 2012, a reality TV program.


These are some of Flavor Flav’s greatest moments:

  • He Got Game (Album, 1998) 
  • Unga Bunga Bunga (Song, 2006) 
  • Teen Choice Award (TV – Choice Reality Star (Male), 2007) – Nominated 
  • Michael Jackson (Song, 2013) 

Three Important & Funny Lessons From Flavor Flav

We now know all about Flavor Flav and his net worth. Let’s look at the most important and fun lessons we can learn.

1. Dope

Anyone who wants to know the definition of “dope” is: “Definition of Public Enemy.”

2. Before we can help others, we have to be happy.

Flav’s best advice was to be happy and make others happy. We can’t make others happy if we are unhappy.

3. What you can’t do

One thing I can tell you is that you cannot put on your shoes and then on your socks.

Favorite Quotes From Flavor Flav

Hip-hop happens when there is crowd participation. When you shout at the crowd and they respond to you. Or when you do some breakdancing. Today’s rap music is purely low-beat and bass-y.

In the days before, when the D.J. would play a record, I would be on the microphone trying to get the crowd hyped up. After Public Enemy was a rap group I knew that this was the role I wanted to play. Because I have always been good at the hype, I wanted to be the one who was hyped. I can excite any crowd.