What is George Kittle’s Net Worth?


George Kittle, an American football tight end for the San Francisco 49ers, is a member of the NFL.

Kittle played college football with the University of Iowa Hawkeyes.

Kittle was the recipient of the single season’s record for receiving yards by tight ends with 1,377 yards in 2018. He also earned his first Pro Bowl selection.

George Kittle has a net worth of $3 Million as of July 20,22.

Early Life

George Krieger Kitty was born in Madison, Wisconsin on the 9th Oct 1993.

Kittle moved to Iowa as a teenager. He attended Iowa City West High School.

He pledged to play college soccer at the University of Iowa. Bruce Kittle is his father and a former college football coach.


The San Francisco 49ers selected Kittle fifth in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Kittle was reunited with Iowa teammate C. J. Beathard whom the San Francisco 49ers drafted in the third round (104th overall).

The San Francisco 49ers signed Kittle to an agreement worth $3 million for a four-year contract. It also included a signing bonus of $298 287.

In the season opener against Minnesota Vikings Kittle had five receptions totaling 90 yards.

Kittle made an 82-yard touchdown catch against the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 4. The 49ers lost by just 29-27.

In the first four weeks of the 2019 NFL season, the 49ers played the Cincinnati Bengals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Pittsburgh Steelers. Kittle was awarded the highest Pro Football Focus overall grade.

He was again in action against the Green Bay Packers in Week 12. Kittle caught six passes for 129 yards and a touchdown during the 37-8 win.


Here are some highlights from George Kittle’s career:

  • Drafted by the San Francisco 49ers (2017)
  • Second-team All-Pro (2018)
  • PFF Player of the Year (2019)

Three Life Lessons From George Kittle

We know a lot about George Kittle’s net worth and his path to success. Now let’s see some of the lessons that we can take from him.

1. Get Dirty

Do not be afraid of getting dirty and working hard to achieve your goals. No one has ever succeeded without hard work.

2. Work In The Shadows

The hard work comparison with ducks is excellent because it shows that sometimes people need to take their work seriously. You can work in the shadows while still enjoying success in sunlight.

3. Inspiration Keys

Inspiration is achieved through hard work and focused effort. Focus and hard work are the keys to inspiration.

Favorite Quote From George Kittle

Jimmy kept a T-shirt with my name in it in his locker. He told everyone that I had sent it to him. I found this in my locker that day. I didn’t share it with you guys, as I kept it for a special event. It’s perfect. He signed it.