What is Howard Stern’s Net Worth?


Howard Stern’s net worth is $650 million, as of June 20, 2022. Stern is an actor, producer, and television personality. Stern was recognized when he was offered a position as a marketer at Benton & Bowles.

He is well-known for being one of the most successful radio hosts in history.

Early Life

Howard Stern was born in New York City on 12 January 1954. Stern is Ray and Ben Schiffman’s second child. Stern’s parents are Jewish and his family is from Hungary and Poland. Stern was raised in Roosevelt and attended Washington Rose Elementary School.

Stern had always longed to host radio shows from the time he was five years of age. Stern pursued his radio hosting career during college.


Howard Stern began his radio broadcasting career in 1979 as a radio host. He worked as a morning host for Radio & Records at WWWW, a commercial FM radio station. His efforts were rewarded with industry recognition and a Billboard Award as Personality of the Year.

Stern transferred to WWDC Washington to start planning a new show. Stern was offered a one-year contract by WWDC, but Stern decided to sign with WNBC instead in 1982.

Stern was able to make significant career advancements in Washington DC after meeting a nurse from the U.S Air force, and later a newswoman who became part of Stern radio.

Stern signed on to K-Rock in New York in 1985, which launched his radio career. He launched his own show, “The Howard Stern Show”, one year after his arrival.

Stern’s first television show was a major breakthrough in his career. He later published his autobiography Private Parts which sold more than 500,000 copies in its first month.

He starred in Private Parts and Ryder P.I. after his autobiography. He has many albums and was the judge for America’s Got Talent in 2011.

Stern has risen to a remarkable net worth since then and has worked with many celebrities, including Paul Giamatti, Simon Cowell, and Michael Cera.

Forbes named Stern the world’s highest-paid media personality and the fifth-highest-earning person in the world.


These are some of Howard Stern’s greatest moments:

  • 50 Ways to Rank Your Mother (Album, 1982)
  • The Howard Stern Show (1987-1992)
  • Private Parts: The Album (Album, 1997)
  • Satellite Awards (Best Actor In Motion Picture, 1998)
  • Blockbuster Entertainment Award (Favorite Male Newcomer, 1998)
  • Adult Video News Award (2000)
  • Howard Stern on Demand (2005-2006)
  • America’s Got Talent (2006-)

Favorite Quotes by Howard Stern

“And rather than hiding that, I would rather let it out on the radio so that someone can see all of my emotions. You can’t apologize for it if you want to be strong on the radio. You can’t make excuses .”

“I’ve never been in anything that was successful before. I’ve been hired by horrible radio stations that have terrible reputations.”

“I have actually apologized to people that I was a jerk to because I feel ashamed.”