What is Ingvar Kamprad’s Net Worth?


Ingvar Kamprad was an Swedish businessman. He is most well-known for his founding of the multinational retail company IKEA.

IKEA today generates over $40 billion in annual revenue.

IKEA was managed by him through a mix of investment trusts and foundations that were moderately complicated. The Economist reported that the INGKA Foundation was the world’s richest charity in 2006.

Ingvar Kamprad’s net worth was approximately $42.5 billion at the time of his death.

Early Life

Ingvar Kamprad, a Swedish citizen, was born in Pjatteryd on the 30th march 1926.

Kamprad was raised in Almtaryd. Kamprad was an excellent trader, even as a child. Kamprad was a skilled trader who could often make calculations and profit by buying huge quantities of matches.

He traded fish, pencils, and seeds for pens. Kamprad was also a good student and his father gifted him with money as a reward for his good grades. The idea of starting a startup company was then conceived by Kamprad.


IKEA was the name of the venture that was launched in 1943. The initials were created with letters from his name, and Elmtaryd his family farm. The mail-order business model was used to sell small things like photo frames and wallets as well as pens.

Kamprad, a 1948 startup founder, added furniture. The company began transporting its goods via trucks and cargoes by train starting with small order deliveries. IKEA was a well-known name in the furniture industry. By 1950, IKEA had become the sole furniture company.

Kamprad created the charitable foundation ‘Stichting INGKA Foundation’ in 1982. In the following years, the company saw a significant expansion and now has approximately 300 showrooms around the world.

IKEA started an internet-based business in 2000. It made its goods available online. IKEA now offers an online shop, which has endless potential for growth.

The 2009 catalog of ‘IKEA’ furniture was published. They required that their catalog be published in more than 20 languages. This shows that customers come from different parts of the globe.


Here are some highlights from Ingvar Kamprad’s career.

  • Founded IKEA (1943)
  • INGKA Foundation (1982)
  • Featured in Forbes Magazine (2010)
  • Kamprad resigned from the board of Inter IKEA Holding SA (2013)

Four Lessons From Ingvar Kamprad

Now that you’re familiar with Ingvar’s net worth, and how he became successful, let’s examine some of his lessons.

1. You are allowed to make mistakes

Making mistakes is the privilege that comes with being active. Negative people spend most of their time proving they are not wrong.

2. Time

Your most precious resource is your time. It is possible to accomplish so much in just ten minutes. Ten minutes are all you need.

3. Be creative

Creativity and belief in your work are essential parts of success.

4. Happy!

Happiness is not achieving your goals. Happiness is living in the moment.

Favorite Quotes From Ingvar kamprad

We need to continue developing the IKEA Group. To fight China and Russia, we will need billions upon billions of Swiss francs. Making mistakes is a privilege of the active.

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