What is Jason Giambi’s Net Worth?


Jason Giambi is an American ex-baseball player.

Giambi was a player for the Oakland Athletics and New York Yankees. He also played for Colorado Rockies and Cleveland Indians. Giambi is the older brother of former MLB player Jeremy Giambi.

While playing for the Athletics, he was named the American League MVP in 2000. He is a five-time All-Star. He led the AL with four walks and three runs.

Jason Giambi’s networth is approximately $35 Million as of July 2022.

Early Life

Jason Gilbert Giambi was born in Covina, California, on the 8th Jan 1971.

Giambi attended South Hills High School from his hometown West Covina. There, he excelled in three of his favorite sports.

Giambi was part of the baseball team. Giambi slugged .386 over his three years playing varsity baseball and was a leader of his team to the state championships as a senior.


Giambi was named MVP in both basketball and baseball. The Milwaukee Brewers selected him in the 43rd Round of the 1989 MLB Draft. At Long Beach State University, he was a college baseball player for the Long Beach State 49ers.

The Oakland Athletics chose him in the second round of the 1992 Major League Baseball Draft. He also participated in the 1992 Olympics’ US national baseball team in Barcelona.

Giambi was also a member of the Alaska Goldpanners in Fairbanks before he made it to MLB.

Giambi started his MLB career in 1995. He played with the Oakland Athletics as well as the New York Yankees and Colorado Rockies. While with the Athletics.

In his professional career, he was a five-time all-star and led the American League four times in walks. He led the American League in on-base percentage three times and in doubles and slugging percent once.

Giambi received the Silver Slugger award two times. His career was a bit stained as it revealed that he took performance-enhancing drugs. Men’s fitness awarded him the special honor of being named one of their Top 10 Most Superstitious athletes.


Here are some highlights from Jason Giambi’s career:

  • AL MVP (2000)
  • 2× Silver Slugger Award (2001, 2002)
  • 5× All-Star (2000–2004)
  • AL Comeback Player of the Year (2005)

Three Awesome Lessons From Jason Giambi

Now that we know everything about Jason Giambi and his success, let’s see some of the lessons he has taught us.

1. Baseball

This is the game that you can play best. It’s when you aren’t thinking too much and reacting only.

2. Accept responsibility

This is your chance to be responsible for your actions and guide yourself through the game.

3. Our Mind

When you get to the plate, nothing is happening in your head. You see the ball, and you can see the seams.

Favorite Quotes From Jason Giambi

We should have made amends and established a rule before moving on. The history of steroids and all that came with them was part of our past. However, it was not a topic everyone wanted to discuss. Everyone was uncomfortable talking about it.

We will have to play the World Champions in Tampa. We have to win every single day. And we’ll play the team who has caused us the most problems. We must play great baseball.