What is Jordan Peele’s Net Worth?


Jordan Peele’s net worth was estimated at $50 million as of July 2022.

American comedian and actor Jordan Haworth Peele hails from New York. Peele is most well-known for his television and film work in the horror and comedy genres. Peele’s breakthrough role was in 2003 when he was cast as a member of the FOX sketch comedy series “Mad TV”.

Early Life

Jordan Haworth Peele was born in New York City on 21 February 1979. Peele is the child of Lucinda Williams and Hayward Peele. His mother was a single mother from Manhattan’s Upper West Side. His mother is white and his father is black.

Peele was a graduate of The Calhoun School, Manhattan’s Upper West Side. He then went on to Sarah Lawrence College.


Peele started his career performing at Boom Chicago, Amsterdam. His musical duets with Nicole Parker at Boom Chicago were well-known. He was a well-known character, “Danish Supermodel Ute”, during his time at Boom Chicago. In 2002, he hosted MTV’s Comedy Weekend.

Peele was nominated for the Emmy Award 2008 for “Sad Fitty Cent”, which is a parody of 50 Cent’s rivalry with Kanye West.

Peele’s 2017 solo film, Get Out, received critical acclaim and eventually earned a 99% rating from Rotten Tomatoes. Peele’s direction and screenplay were particularly praised, as was Daniel Kaluuya’s performance. The film was called “a masterpiece” by The Atlantic.

Get Out was a hit with audiences and eventually made it one of the most lucrative horror films. It grossed more than $255 million and had a $4.5 million budget.

Peele was praised for his filmmaking efforts and received significant attention.


These are some of Jordan Peele’s greatest moments:

  • Little Fockers (Movie, 2010) 
  • Get Out (Movie, 2017) 
  • Academy Award (Best Original Screenplay, 2018) – Won 
  • Us (Movie, 2019) 

Three Strong Lessons From Jordan Peele’s Movies

Let’s look at the most important lessons we can draw from his films and him.

1. Exploring the genre power of social thrillers

Peele wanted to make an authentic film for black audiences, but he admitted that one of his greatest fears was that his movie, which takes a hard look at subtle white liberal racism, would cause divisions.

2. Good writing = fun

Peele stated that the one thing he learned from his comedy writing experience – and which was a major part of the success of “Key and Peele”, Comedy Central’s hit Comedy Central series – was that having fun writing leads to great writing.

3. The White Savior: subverting genre tropes

Peele also learned that genre expectations can be a powerful tool. Peele realized that he could use his white savior in Hollywood movies about race.