What is Kyle Lowry’s Net Worth?


Kyle Lowry is an American professional basketball player for Toronto Raptors in the NBA.

He was a six-time NBA All-Star with the Raptors and was also named to the All-NBA third team in 2016. Lowry won the NBA championship with Toronto, their first title in franchise history.

Kyle Lowry’s net worth was $55 million as of June 2022.

Early Life

Kyle Terrell Lowry was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the 25th of March 1986. Kyle’s parents divorced when he was young.

He had a difficult childhood. His father was never really involved in his or his brother’s upbringing, despite residing only ten minutes away from them.


The Memphis Grizzlies selected Kyle Lowry, their 24th overall pick in the 2006 NBA draft. On July 9, he signed a two-year contract with the team.

He had envisioned a long and successful career with the Grizzlies. However, Mike Conley Jr. was selected by the team during the 2007 NBA draft. Lowry was traded from the Grizzlies to the Houston Rockets in 2009 after Lionel Hollins became their new coach.

He made his debut in the playoffs in 2014 with the Raptors. In seven games, he averaged 21.1 points per game.

In 2015-16, the Raptors were completely reenergized. Lowry was a regular-season player who played 77 games and averaged 21.2 points per match. He led his team to the Eastern Conference Finals, where they lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers.


These are some of Kyle Lowry’s greatest moments:

  • NBA champion (2019)
  • 6x NBA All-Star (2015-2020)

Three Life Lessons From Kyle Lowry

Now that you have an idea of Kyle Lowry’s net worth and his success story, let’s look at some lessons we can take from him.

1. Don’t Limit Yourself

Do not limit your imagination to fit the limitations of others; do not limit your imagination to fit theirs.

2. Be the person you want to be

Be the change you want to see in the world.

3. Our Future

Let’s make tomorrow our future.

Favorite Quotes From Kyle Lowry

My brother taught me to never fear anything. It’s impossible to go out on the court without fearing failure, so I just try my best and go out there, regardless of the outcome.

It’s a chance to realize a childhood dream. Many people never have the chance to achieve those dreams. This is an opportunity you will only get once in your life.

It was great fun to be able to play in Philadelphia’s crowd and to share the floor with my amazing teammates. I am just thankful to have been able to do this.