What is LaVar’s Net Worth?


LaVar Ball has a net worth of approximately $4 million as of July 2022.

LaVar Christopher Ball is an American businessman and a media personality from Los Angeles.

His son and Ball were featured in sports headlines on CBS Sports in 2015. They continued their success with TV interviews and in SLAM magazine.

Early Life

LaVar Christopher was born in Los Angeles on the 23rd of October 1967. The ball was raised with his four brothers.

Ball attended Canoga Park High School, where he was a well-known quarterback for the football team. The ball was always interested in sports, even as a child. But he didn’t think he would make it a career.

In the mid-1990s, he was invited to the NFL’s tryouts. He then joined the New York Jets. He was able to kick for 28 yards in 1995. He decided to leave football after his high school career and become a personal trainer.


He switched from his football career to becoming a businessman after his first career. The ball was the one who laid the foundation for “Big Baller Brand”, which has been a success.

Within the first few months after its launch, the company was able to make a profit. The company was promoted on national television by Ball, who compared it to Adidas and Puma.

His son Lonzo, who played basketball professionally at UCLA, began to promote his father’s brand. The first pair of sports shoes that “Big Baller”, launched in 2017, attracted a lot attention.

While Shaquille was critical of the shoes’ high price, many others supported them. The ball launched a shoe that was his signature for his youngest son in the following year.

Ball announced in December 2017 that he would form the JBA. Although LaVar had grand plans for the future league, it was later reported that this is simply a way to give Big Baller more attention.

The ball is well-known for its controversial comments. He first made national news when CBS Sports published a feature on the Ball family. Ball began to display his arrogance towards media interactions. He claimed that Lonzo, his son, was better than Stephen Curry.

Ball stated in an interview that he could defeat Michael Jordan, in a “one on one” basketball match. This claim also received a lot of attention from the media.

LaVar Ball is well-known for his “Big Baller Brand” brand and controversial comments. His controversial statements have attracted a lot of attention. Ball caused more controversy by questioning the Los Angeles Lakers.


These are some of LaVar’s greatest moments in his career:

  • CBS Sports (2016-)
  • Big Baller Brand (2016)
  • SLAM Magazine (2016)
  • USA Today (2017)
  • Ball In The Family (Tv-show, 2017)
  • ESPN Show (First Take, 2017)
  • Feud With Donald Trump (2017)
  • A comment about Kobe Bryant (2018)

Favorite Quotes From LaVar Ball

These boys were made to be professionals. Your mom is a personal trainer. Your mom is a teacher. I am a personal trainer. My last name is Ball. What more can you do?

Our brand is already established. Triple B’s. Lonzo will be the first to be drafted under his own brand. This is unlikely.