What is Luol Deng’s Net Worth?


Luol Deng is a Sudanese professional basketball athlete who played last for the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves. He is a former NBA All-Star who was also named to the NBA All-Defensive 2nd Team in 2012.

Luol Deng is worth $200 Million as of July 2022.

Early Life

Luol Aldo Deng was born in Wau on the 16th of April 1985. His father Aldo, a member of the Sudanese parliament moved their family to Egypt in order to escape from the Second Sudanese Civil War.

They met Manute Bol (another Dinka), a former NBA center who taught Deng and his older brother Ajou Deng how basketball is played.


After one year at Duke, Deng entered the 2004 NBA Draft. The Phoenix Suns selected him seventh, but he was instantly traded to Chicago Bulls pursuant to an earlier agreement.

Deng had a record 40-point season in 2010. He made 14 of his 19 attempts and also made 9 of 11 free shots against the Portland Trail Blazers. Deng averaged one point per minute.

Eric Bressman from Dime magazine, a Dime magazine editor, named Deng the “most underrated player” the following year, writing that he was “never seen as the face of the franchise, but was always the backbone.”

Deng was chosen as a reserve in the 2013 NBA All-Star Game alongside Joakim Noah. In the 2012-13 season, Deng averaged 16.5 points per game, 6.3 boards per game, and a career-high 3 assists per night. A career-high was his free throw percentage, which was.816.


Here are some of the best highlights of Luol Deng’s career:

  • NBA Sportsmanship Award (2007)
  • National Basketball Association Awards – J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award (2014)

Three Strong Lessons From Luol Deng

Now that you are familiar with Luol Deng’s net worth and how he reached his success, let’s examine some of the lessons we can take from him.

1. Game

Success is a game. Playing more is a way to win. The more you win, the more successful you will be at the game.

2. Begin a relationship with new people

There aren’t any powers or things in life that can give you the hand you need to achieve your goals. Only meeting people who are better than yourself is possible. There is always something to learn from other people.

3. No Limits

If you are trying to achieve or improve something, there are no limits. There are only expectations. Expect to achieve more.

Favorite Quotes From Luol Deng

It feels like we have taken another step. We worked hard. We don’t get rewarded. We as a group have to recognize that we took the world champs to overtime. It was only because of how hard our team played that we were able to do it.

We could not stay up after we went up. We began to make silly mistakes and they allowed us back into the game. We were unable to make any shots in the fourth quarter. They took control of the game and never looked back.