What is Mary Beth Evans’s Net Worth?


Mary Beth Evans is an American actress, and producer.

Evans is perhaps best known for her roles as a daytime soap star on Daytime soaps like General Hospital and Days of Our Lives. She was born in Pasadena California. She is a mother to three children.

Mary Beth Evans’ net worth is approximately $10 Million as of August 20, 2022.

Early Life

Mary Beth Evans was born in Pasadena (California) on the 7th of March. Evans is the youngest of her four siblings. She started acting very young. She is a Huntington Beach High School graduate.

Evans spent five months in Europe before enrolling at the South Coast Repertory Conservatory. Here she studied acting. Her acting career began in 1982 when she was cast in the TV series, “Father Murphy.”


Evans is best remembered for playing Kayla Brady in ‘Days of Our Lives,’ which aired from 1986 to 1992 to 2006 to 2009, 2010 to the present, and then again in 2009. She and Nichols were filmed on “Days of Our Lives” in 2009.

Before appearing on ‘Days of our Lives, she was Piper in the romantic comedy flick “Lovelines”. She has guest starred in numerous primetime television shows, including ‘Madame’s Place,’ ‘Father Murphy,’ ‘Knight Rider,’ ‘Masquerade,’ ‘Remington Stahle,’ ‘Riptide,’ ‘Murder, She Wrote,’ ‘Law & Order Special Victims Unit,’ ‘Monk, Criminal Minds,’ ‘Body of Proof.’

Evans lived in New York from 2000 until late 2005 as Sierra Estaban and moved there between then and now. One Life to Live signed her up for the role of Dr. Paige Miller in 2005. But she decided to walk away.

Evans has been playing Sara Garrett on the soap opera web series “The Bay” since 2010. In 2015, she won a Daytime Emmy Award. Evans was again nominated as a producer, and in the Outstanding Actress category in a Digital Daytime Drama Series.


Here are some of Mary Beth Evans’ greatest moments:

  • Days of Our Lives (TV Show, 1965-)
  • Toy Soldiers (Movie, 1984)
  • Lovelines (Movie, 1984) 
  • The Bay (TV-Show, 2010-)
  • Daytime Emmy Award (2017) – Won 

Three Life Lessons From Mary Beth Evans

Now that we know everything about Mary Beth Evans and her success, let’s see some of the lessons she can teach us.

1. Be hard at work

If you are determined to be more successful than the rest, you will succeed.

2. Self-Esteem

It’s important to achieve something meaningful even when it’s difficult. This is how self-esteem is built.

3. Success

There is no secret to success. It comes down to hard work, planning, and learning from your mistakes. It is not important what we achieve by achieving our goals. What you become by achieving those goals is more important.

Favorite Quotes From Mary Beth Evans

Plus, Patch is a great friend of mine. They are a great couple. The two of us together bring so much. Stephen and me try to build an emotional, real relationship. We don’t call it in. We don’t phone it in. Super-weird. I only wish he would come back. I wish that it happens.

This is also what’s cool about soaps. The character and you share the same time zone, are in the same age range, have the same life experiences, and live in the same environment. Many times we are playing the story of someone who has done it. It’s as if you’re playing your past.